The 10 Things to do Before You're 70!

Sometimes, our age is a big mental restriction when it comes to accomplishing things in our lives, like dreams, goals, careers, etc. But, no matter what people say, I believe that you’re never too old for anything! Which is the main reason why the title of this article has that big and bold 70—not that you can’t try any of these things around that age, but I feel like having a big number up there makes this list feel a little more friendly and achievable. Why? Because I think we all know how suffocating it can be to see a list full of things that you’re supposed to do while you’re “young” when you could also try them when you’re...not that young anymore and actually have the opportunity and the financial stability to do so!

  1. 1. Travel

    Traveling, at least once, is a must! It could be to the other side of the world, to a neighboring country, or within your own country! You could go anywhere inside or outside of your country and make it a wonderful experience you’ll never forget—yes, even on this little island we live in! As long as you’re enjoying every second of it and take a moment of your day to realize how beautiful the world that surrounds us is and feel thankful for it, all is good!

  2. 2. Try New Food 

    Traveling or not, opening yourself up to new dishes is always a good idea—unless you’re a picky eater. It may not be an easy thing to do, but sometimes it ends up being a pleasant surprise worth a try! It could be an international dish or even a local dish you’ve never tried before and it will still be quite an experience! Personally, I love trying out new food from everywhere and, so far, it’s been more of a good experience than a bad one!

  3. 3. Read Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

    This may sound pretty simple and clear, but sometimes, when you’re used to reading one specific genre and love every second of it, reaching out for something new can be quite difficult. Just think of it as if you’re comfortable in your bed or couch and have to get up to get the tv remote or your phone. It’s bothersome at first, but once you reach out and get into that new and shiny genre, you might end up quite pleased with it and, who knows? Maybe expanding your reading tastes doesn’t sound like a bad idea anymore! If you're usually into romance, try a thriller (for that stomach rush, of course). If you're into comedy, grab a tragedy (they are closely related, after all), and if you're into plays, try poetry (verse is just a step away).

  4. 4. Go After That Hair Makeover

    I’m pretty sure that none of us can deny the fact that we’ve fallen in love with many hairstyles and different hair colors through the years, right? Yet not many of us have been brave enough to take that next step from liking and wanting to actually get it done! And, in all honesty, trying a new hairstyle is never a bad idea—unless you’re cutting your own bangs. Just make sure to put your hair in the right hands when it comes to big changes and enjoy the results!

  5. 5. Create Something

    As human beings, I believe we all have the ability to be creative and create something new. It could be your own clothing brand, a knitted sweater, a book, a piece of art or anything! The point of using your hands to make something is that you get the opportunity to make something uniquely you. You can leave your mark in the world. Be creative, there’s plenty of options! Here's a list of 42 Crafts to Do When Bored.

  6. 6. Do Something "Extreme"

    Doing something extreme doesn’t necessarily mean just skydiving, bungee jumping or any other kind of extreme sport! You could also ice-skate for the first time, ski down a mountain, drive through a different route to your home, get a tattoo, get lost in a foreign city, tirarte de pecho con tu crush, or whatever, really. Just do something that gives you that wondrous adrenaline boost!

  7. 7. Meet at One of Your Online Friends IRL

    In a world where social media has become part of our everyday life, we get to meet people through the interwebs almost on a daily basis. And, sometimes, some of these strangers behind a screen end up actually becoming closer than that; friends. And the only thing keeping that bond from becoming stronger than it already is is the fact that some of these online friends you cherish so much either live in another city, another country or another faraway continent you might never get the chance to visit. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never meet any of them in real life, at least one or two sounds like something achievable as years go by.

  8. 8. Learn a New Language

    Just like with traveling, learning a new language is kind of a must. Why? Because learning another language, be it just the basics or actually working hard and becoming fluent at it, is a unique experience. Everyone should learn a new language because it helps you grow as a person and it opens you up to a new culture, its people, and even some of their history. And, let’s not forget that you also get access to more memes, okay? Memes are important!

  9. 9. Join a Group, Organization, Volunteership

    No matter your age, it’s never too late to join something! Be it an organization, an association, your library’s book club or even an online magazine. Joining a group of people that share your interests is never a bad idea! It might be weird at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll find yourself creating not only friendships but also a good amount of memorable experiences!

  10. 10. Go After Your Dreams

    If you’re not part of that lucky flock of people that manages to follow and eventually reach their dreams early in their lives, know that you’re never too old to do so! Be it through your teens, your mid-twenties, or even your mid-forties, you can always start working towards them! One step at a time!

In the end, always remember that you’re never too old to start trying to accomplish those goals you’ve always wanted to work on, yet didn’t have the chance to do so, until now! Just remember to take things one step at a time. Don’t worry if you can’t get there right now; you will in the future!