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To You From Yourself

Dear You,

I’ve noticed you running around here lately girl. It’s only the beginning of the semester here at UNT and this college lifestyle did not come to play with you. You had syllabuses you needed to become acquainted with, quizzes, assignments, homework, books to buy, connections to make, events to attend, and on top of all that you had to go and meet with your organization(s).

You’re a busy woman, and although you’re clustered with things to do you know this is a rewarding and exciting time in your life. 

But it’s also exhausting and stressful.

Some nights you didn’t even sleep. You forgot to eat one day. The bus was late today. The weather was so horrible yesterday. You had to prioritize your schedule. You just want to stay in bed! But you know you can’t. Your ambition and drive won’t allow it, so you push through despite the facts.

Not only is school beating you up, but you got other things bringing you down as well. You earn a couple bucks an hour to be yelled at by unruly customers, but you have to get the coin girl! I know you can’t wait to get into the real world and make real money, but you’re not ready. You know this. But patience is a virtue. You’re still learning that though. You’re still learning yourself.

And oh yea, I saw you texting Ol’Boy. How’s that going? I know you’re seeking that college romance, but God will bless you with the right guy at the right time. You have to relax because you can’t force organic relationships. Ol’Boy’s probably not the one. He doesn’t even text back on time, but you entertain it still as if you needed another complicated situation.

With all that being said, I wanted to tell you this: All this will be worth it.

You probably don’t think so at this very moment, but girl you’re future is promising because you’re building it now. All this temporary stress is necessary for what God has planned for you because honestly, if you didn’t go through this you wouldn’t be able to appreciate what you’ll have.

I, the future you, am grateful and fulfilled. I have a smile on my face and am reaping the benefits of your commitment. Because of your hard work and dedication, I am able to achieve all that you think is so perplexed and  impossible. I am bold and make better decisions. I am a professional woman and it’s because of you!

Anything you put your mind too, I see it’s production. That night of studying, I excel the class. That boy you eventually let go prepares you for the man I will have that loves and respects me the way you always thought you should be and beyond.

So give yourself some credit girl. You got this!  If at times you seem overwhelmed, and I know you will, just pray about it. It sounds simple, yet it’s so effective.

Now get up and flourish!

With love always,


Hey I'm Chas! Currently I am a senior at the University of North Texas that anticipates to graduate this May with a B.A. in public relations and minor in social sciences. I am a free spirit who has a strong passion for music, beauty (hair), and community service. I also love to write my heart out on whatever inspires me. One day I hope to inspire others through the lyrics I write for myself and others because I hope to become a singer song writer. 
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