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We all know that finals are the hardest time of the semester. One test or project can make or break our grades and even in non-pandemic times, it’s crazy, exhausting, and stressful. During a time when every day is uncertain and we’re all living in fear, it’s more important than ever that as we finish up our classes this semester we also make time to destress and take care of ourselves so that we don’t go over our limits. Here are some things you can do for yourself between study sessions that will help you stay sane:


Watch a Comfort Show/Movie

I find that when I’ve got a lot that I need to get done it’s not best to try starting something new. I don’t want to get so caught up in it that I put off everything else, so any time I have a lot going on for school I like to put on the shows and movies that I know and love during my breaks. I also prefer something lighthearted and easy. For example, The Office, Parks and Rec, Friends, etc. These are things a lot of us have seen over and over but can still make us smile and help us unwind.


Listen to Music or a Podcast

Sometimes I can’t just sit down and focus on watching something so I prefer to listen to music or a podcast. I can do this while studying or doing other things like cooking, cleaning, just relaxing, etc. Put on an album that makes you happy or a show that has you hooked. It’ll give you a little bit of joy even if you’re doing something not so joyful while you listen.


Take a Hot Bath

One of the best things for me about moving out of a dorm was that I have a bath in my apartment. Taking a hot bath, especially with bubbles, Epsom salt, or a bath bomb, is incredibly relaxing and you’ll get out feeling clean and refreshed. Add a show, podcast, or music like mentioned above and maybe a drink of your choice and you’ll have a great way to escape the stress of finals for a bit.


Cook for Yourself

I used to think of cooking as more of a chore, but someone recently told me how they think of it as a form of self-care and it totally changed my perspective. You can make yourself something that will boost your mood and give you the energy to keep on doing whatever you have to do. Whether it’s healthy or not is up to you (we all love a little junk food!) but either way the process can be fun and the results are delicious. Plus, you have to eat anyway so you might as well make it fun for yourself.



We all have different hobbies that help us destress. Making art, playing video games, reading, working out, whatever that may be for you, set aside time to do what you love along with the hours of studying and it will make the work that much more bearable. For example, lately, some of us in UNT HerCampus have been playing Among Us together and it has been a blast. 


Talk to Friends

Obviously, we’re all very cut off from each other during this pandemic, but finals are a really great time for us to check in with each other even if it can’t be in person. Call or facetime a friend and tell them what you’ve got going on. Maybe avoid the school talk and discuss other things. Whether you’re venting to de-stress or just catching up, talking to another person can make a huge difference in your mood and motivation to get things done. Plus, you can help someone else too.

I'm passionate about writing, books, tattoos, art, feminism, true crime podcasts, and more. Integrative studies major (Communications, Digital Media, Journalism).
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