How to Have a Great Spring Semester

Spring semester can be a blessing and a curse. While the wondrous break does end, chances are you’re excited for your spring classes. But spring classes means stress, work, midterms and finals. Tons of stuff you didn’t have to worry about over the break you now have to worry about. Here’s how you can make this spring semester the best one yet.

Be Honest With Yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. If you can’t handle the amount of classes, drop one. Or if you are denying tutoring for a subject you’re having trouble with, get the tutoring. You’ve gotta be honest with yourself or you stand in the way of your progress, whether it’s mentally, physically, socially, or academically.

Accept Help. I am really bad at accepting help. I like to think that I can do it all, but I really can’t. Don’t be so stubborn that you are the cause of bad grades or bad mental health. There isn’t shame in asking for help, even though it can seem that way. UNT has tons of resources, that you pay for with your tuition, so take advantage of them. Whether it’s the Counseling Center or the Learning Center, get help wherever you need it.

Practice Self-Care. Self-care is incredibly important, especially as a college student. We have to juggle so much it’s no wonder why we are always stressed out. Give yourself time to yourself. Take a break from all your responsibilities, even if that break is like an hour or two. Chances are, even a few minutes to an hour of self-care will help you recharge and refocus. Plus, who doesn’t like treating themselves?

Chill Out Sometimes. We can’t control everything. We just can’t. So start accepting there are things you can’t change or control and focus on what you can. This is especially true if you have anxiety as anxiety can make you worry about everything and anything, even if it’s something totally out of your control. You may not like your professor, but you can get the help you need for that class. So accept what you can’t change, change what you can, and chill out.