How to Hang Out with Friends During Quarantine

Quarantine, while deeply necessary to flatten the curve of COVID-19, sucks when you can’t hang out with your friends. Here’s how you can still talk to your friends and enjoy each other’s company while maintaining social distancing. 

  1. Video calling! Be it FaceTime, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or even Zoom, find a way to video chat every now and then so you can all remember what each other’s voices sound like. 

  2. Write letters! I’ve been writing letters to my friends and my boyfriend, and your daily trek to the mailbox feels a lot more exciting. It feels really fun and vintage, and you can even spray the letter with your perfume or put little gifts in the letters, like tea bags or small, wrapped candies. 

  3. Watch something together! Apps like Rave or Chrome extensions like Netflix Party mean you don’t have to sacrifice movie night. They’re super easy to get working, and then you can fight over what to watch like the good ol’ pre-quarantine days. 

  4. Start a book or recipe club! I know that I and a lot of other people have been stress baking, why not do it together? You can video chat or text pictures of your weekly recipe or book and discuss it. You’ll either discover a delicious new dish or a read you can’t put down.

  5. Online happy hour! This is my mom’s idea because, quote, “that’s what the moms are doing!” If you’re of age, learn a new drink to mix and have happy hour over video or text.