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Holiday Survival Kits 2018

The holidays are approaching, which means Nationals has sent out our holiday survival kits! Check out all the goodies the sent!


Alba Botanica® Pimple Patches

These patches might be small, but each one can do a lot of work. They work to pull the oils out of the pimple while keeping the area secluded to ensure faster healing and less scarring. It is dermatologist approved, cruelty-free and vegetarian, plus contains no synthetic ingredients or harsh parabens/phthalates!

BUXOM Va-Va-Plump Shiny Liquid Lipstick

If you want to make your lips seem bigger, but don’t want to commit to lip injections, this plumping lipstick is for you! With a “refreshing tingling sensation,” your lips will look more full in a matter of minutes! Each lipstick is shiny, bold and long-lasting!

The DivaCup

Tired of buying pads/tampons? Then check out the DivaCup! This product can be worn up to 12 hours (with leak-free protection, of course) and all you have to do is remove it, wash it, then reuse! It is a one-time buy! Each DivaCup is made out of 100% silicone, and it comes in two different sizes, so everyone can find a product that works best for them!

Krazy Glue

Ever been on the go and needed glue unexpectedly? This single-use travel size kit is perfect for you! Each pack comes with four tubes, and each one comes with just enough glue for a fast fix! It works with everything from wood to metal to plastic!

Velcro® Brand HANGables® Removable Wall Fasteners 

Need something in your dorm room that won’t hurt the walls but still lets you decorate your way? Check out HANGables, which are easy to use and even easier to remove! They use Velcro to ensure no nails are needed. Plus, they come in multiple sizes and colors, and can be used on multiple surfaces!

XOXO Luv For Women by XOXO Eau de Parfum

A sensual perfume for all women, XOXO carries scents such as citrus and floral with musky undertones. The company’s goal is to make scents as “radiant and uplifting” as the women wearing them! 

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