A Guide To Better Bad Days

We’ve all had those days, the world seems to trying its hardest to keep you down and your bed feels like your only happy place.They’re unavoidable no matter how hard we try, but with these tips you may be on your way to having better bad days.


1. Shower Away Your Feels or Sink Into Some Bath Time Bliss

Take a nice looong shower or bath and wash away all your yucky feelings. Do whatever you need to feel reinvigorated. Shampoo and condition your hair with your nicest products, shave your legs, or even rock out to your favorite shower jams;anything you need to do to transform your bathroom into your own personal sanctuary, do it!


2. Catch Up On Your Sleep


Juggling classes, work, and friends is exhausting and can really take a toll on you emotionally. So take a break! Sleep is one of my all-time favorite remedies for a bad day and it can be yours too. Grab your comfiest pjs, put your phone on do not disturb, and catch some zzz’sFor at least an hour or two you’ll be stress free and something we can all benefit from. 


3. Jam Out To Some Music


Music is a happy place to many. There’s nothing like the perfect song to completely change your mood and maybe that’s exactly what you need. Websites like Spotify and Pandora have channels completely devoted to relaxation and finding your Zen and can be the remedy to your dismal day. And if you’re not into low-key acoustic playlists, then crank up your party mix and sing and dance your way into good feelings.


4. Take A Walk


Go out and get some fresh air. Denton is chalk full of beautiful scenic areas that can help you find your happy place. Even if it seems impossible, sometimes prying yourself out of bed, getting dressed, and heading out will put some pep in your step. You may even find your new favorite place along the way. 


5. Treat Your Self 


Grab your checkbook and head to the mall; don’t get too crazy, but a little retail therapy never killed anybody. Buy that special something you’ve been drooling over! Whether it’s a new pair a boots, a New York Bestseller, or the latest video game everyone’s been taking about, maybe something fancy and new is just the right thing to get you back into a good mood. 


6. Freak Out

I know it sounds crazy, but sometimes you need to let it all out. If you need to turn on your most melancholy vinyl and cry it out then do it. If you need grab a punching bag and let it rip then go ahead. You can even write it out if that’s more of your thing, but never ever let your feelings boil up and get the best of you. Release is one step closer to revitalization.


7. Ask for help friend 


Call a friend over and talk it all out. Friends are often the best people to give us the advice we need or even to just be therewith a shoulder to cry on. They know us the best and know exactly what we need to pull ourselves out of the sad sack we’d fallen into. So call up your bestie, grab some snacks, and let them help you find sunshine again.


8. Ask for help professionally 


But, if none of these tips feel like they’re enough to turn things around, or if things are starting to feel like they’re a little too much and these bad days are swallowing you up a little too often, there is always professionals that you can talk to. You are never alone; there are dozens of chat rooms and hotlines that are dedicated to helping you get through the rough spots and you're not weak for taking advantage of them. The University of North Texas also offers both group and individual counseling to students who need them. Asking for help is nothing to be ashamed of.


Don’t forget lovelies, “Don’t Let Silly Things Steal Your Happiness”!