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I see the bodies

They bleed in the street

In broken pieces left there lying

Plastered on the concrete

Ceaseless violence

Pleas for help

I hear women weep and beg the lord for remission

And in the distance a child cries

My father why aren’t you home

Systemic racism and mass incarceration

Have left a generation waiting

For fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers

Friends & uncles

Who will never come home

An end to the abuse

Is long overdue

Oppression is the disease

And we must be the cure

Or we’ll just see more bodies in the street

Next time, who will it be ?

I am a writer and a UNT student. I am passionate about sustainability, art, and social justice. I love animals, and I believe empathy is the most important quality a human can have. I am an autistic woman, and I am proud to represent my community.
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