8 Weird Classes You Can Take at UNT

1. AGER 4750- Sexuality and Aging

I can’t tell if this class sounds like a nightmare or super interesting. I’m here for the idea of grannies getting theirs, but it seems like it’d wander into imagining-my-grandparents-getting-down territory and I would have to immediately drop out of school and get a brain transplant.

2. BEHV 3200 - Science, Skepticism and Weird Behavior

This class sounds like a dream come true. An entire class about pseudoscience, paranormal activities, and superstition? I really don’t know why I’ve taken any other class ever.

3. DANC 1100 - Stress Reduction Through Movement

I cannot believe you can get credit hours for this. I dance to reduce stress, but I mostly just rage out to Dua Lipa at house parties and alone in my bedroom.

4. HIST 3770 - Ancient and Medieval Women, Gender and Sexuality

I didn’t know how much I needed to study Medieval lesbians until I read this course title.

5. LING 3050 - Animal Communication

As a child, I always wondered if dogs could understand each other’s barks and I feel like this class might answer that question. Maybe by the end of the course, you become Cesar Millan and suddenly have the ability to whisper to your pets in their own language. That’s what he does, right?

6. PHIL 4650 - Philosophy of Water

Sounds fake, but okay.

7. MRTS 4530 - Gender and Sexuality in the Horror Film

There’s nothing like an extremely niche course title to get me to sign up for a class. As a certified scaredy-cat, I’m not really into horror films, but I am interested in exposing misogyny, so this class sounds amazing.

8. ANTH 4751 - The Supernatural: Magic, Witchcraft and Religion

I’m actually taking this class next semester and am determined to make at least one reference to The Craft in a paper.