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5 things to add to your dorm shopping list

Here are my top five recommendations on what to add to your dorm shopping list.

  1. DampRid moisture-absorbing container

Your dorm will get humid especially if you have a suite-style bathroom where the moisture created after your shower will follow you into your bedroom.

  1. Fan

Your dorm, even if it comes with air conditioning controls, will not provide steady cool airflow so it’s best you come prepared with a fan for the days it doesn’t get cold in your room.

  1. Bottled water or a Brita Filter

After the Texas snowstorm incident my perspective on the need for bottled water or a good filter like a Brita. As well, access to water fountains with filters is not always assured so buying either option is much more useful than one thinks.

  1. Shower Caddy

Whether sharing a suite-style bathroom or having a community bath, it is essential to have a cady to bring your stuff into the shower. With a suite-style bathroom, there is often not enough room to leave all of your products in the shower between use so having a cady is useful to carry the things that don’t fit or just the ones you don’t to be left in the shower.

  1. Pepper Spray

It an essential in providing you that essential security for the unexpected situations that you might end up in.

Hello! I am a current UNT student studying to get my major in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations. I intend to get a minor before I graduate in marketing as well. My free time consists of painting, shopping, hanging with friends, and watching superhero movies!
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