Keep Your Cool During Finals

Finals week definitely has the UNL student body stressin’. I feel in times of deadlines and final tests, it’s important to work hard, but to also take time for yourself. Small breaks can help reduce stress, which can also lead to clearer thinking. Staying refreshed is key to success! Check out some of my favorite spots to treat myself and relax.

  1. Lucky Nails

This not-so-hidden gem of a nail salon is everything a college girl on budget could dream of: Their prices are super reasonable, they do a fantastic job and they’re basically located on campus. Honestly, when was the last time you got a manicure? You know you deserve one.


  1. The Coffeehouse (Coho)

When I’m feeling like I need complete silence just to keep my head from spinning, Coho is my go-to. The vibe in this cramped coffeeshop is so mellow and oddly serene. I just like to sit with a cup of coffee and flip through a magazine. It also doubles as a prime place to focus on work that needs to get done.  

  1. Tower Square

Sometimes a seemingly small thing, like fresh air, is a quick fix for a stressful day. I like to take a couple minutes just to walk or sit outside and breath it all in. The Tower Square is the perfect place to do just that. It’s right outside campus too, making it an easy-breezy walk

Remember, grades don’t determine your character. Keep your cool this finals week and remember that you deserve a break!