Katy Perry’s New Shoe Line Is ‘Unconditionally’ Perfect

The bubblegum pop princess herself, Katy Perry just launched her new shoe line and I am already saving my pennies to make a purchase. Each pair is packed with spunky personality, just like the music icon. You can tell that Katy put her creative edge in each piece, and that quality time was put into the designing of these works of art. There are three styles that I am living, breathing and dying for and they are as follows:


“The Peace” style sneaker in pewter

I wear my white slide on sneakers almost everyday, so these graphic yet simple sneaks are pieces of art I am dying to add to my wardrobe. The bold peace hand sign and shiny metallic finish is a match made in shoe heaven. These shoes make the perfect statement; they add some personality to your outfit without going overboard. I can easily envision myself wearing these sneakers every season of the year, and I think a lot of other women could too.


Here’s the link: http://www.katyperrycollections.com/the-peace/d/90102C9346?CategoryId=304


“The Carmen” sandal in black

These high-heeled sandals had me drooling, and it may or may not be because they are covered in fruit-like emojis. These sandals are so freaking cute, who doesn’t want a strappy sandal with fruit adorned all over it? They would be perfect for the summer months and come in other fun shades such as cherry red, fuchsia and a sunset yellow. I would go for the black style so it pairs with more outfit ideas and is more everyday wearable, but every color in this style is beachy and beautiful.


Here’s the link: http://www.katyperrycollections.com/the-carmen/d/90049C9184?CategoryId=307&Page=2


“The Perry” peep-toe mule in nude

I mean if you’re going to buy Katy Perry shoes, you have to get her namesake style right? These leather mules, like the singer, are the definition of cool. They have a gold-chain-like heel that add a hip-hop flair to the look, yet remain perfectly wearable for any occasion. I have been searching for a pair of nude mules for spring, and these are it. Now, excuse me while I bid farewell to my savings account.


Here’s the link: http://www.katyperrycollections.com/the-perry/d/90077C9289?CategoryId=307&Page=3