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Characteristics of a Pisces




(19 Feb. – 20 Mar.)

Characteristics of a Pisces …


Latarua Perry


 Element: Water

Phrase: “I Believe”

Sweet Treat: Swedish Fish

Flower: Water Lily

Compatibility: Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio


            Pisces woman, you indeed have a lot of beautiful qualities! You are good at making ordinary moments extraordinary. Your listening skills are excellent my friend… you obviously enjoy helping others with their problems. Trust comes with love, although if this is abused your revenge is guaranteed to be twice as worst (yikes).





Spiritual Goal: Find an outlet to balance your ups and downs


Destined Careers:

Piscean, pick a career that will give you a combination of security and freedom, keeping business in mind

  • Physical Therapist
  • Musician
  • Photographer
"The Year of the Goat" Blessings... Many, many blessings! This year I embark on a new journey. Where this road leads to, of course, you and I both know you cant predict the unpredictable! My passion is my craft. I have always loved writing, telling stories, being a DRAMA QUEEN. I have had the honor of writing with UNL Nebraksa campus but my actual location is Tallahassee, where I am a college student. I enjoy many other things like jazz and being artsy! Although I stand short in stature, I have to warn you I am pretty tall! I love networking, I find it easy to relate to others that have gone through similar life experiences. I mean, thats why we all exist on this Earth right?All in all I hope to inspire, motivate, and heal with my words.Follow instagram:http://instagram.com/phatbellybella/One Love,Latarua Perry
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