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Latarua Perry


"The Year of the Goat" Blessings... Many, many blessings! This year I embark on a new journey. Where this road leads to, of course, you and I both know you cant predict the unpredictable! My passion is my craft. I have always loved writing, telling stories, being a DRAMA QUEEN. I have had the honor of writing with UNL Nebraksa campus but my actual location is Tallahassee, where I am a college student. I enjoy many other things like jazz and being artsy! Although I stand short in stature, I have to warn you I am pretty tall! I love networking, I find it easy to relate to others that have gone through similar life experiences. I mean, thats why we all exist on this Earth right?

All in all I hope to inspire, motivate, and heal with my words.

Follow instagram:http://instagram.com/phatbellybella/

One Love,

Latarua Perry