5 Unique Winter Date Ideas

It can be extremely hard to come up with date ideas, especially when you dread going out in this so-called "winter wonderland". But, Winter is here, and while it may have come late here in Eastern Nebraska, it's in full swing now.

  1. 1. Winter Photography Session

    You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take cute snowy pictures of your bae with your phone. After all, the camera you have is always the best camera to use.

  2. 2. Go Antiquing 

    It’s winter, it’s cold, so why not waste a few hours looking at the oddities and treasures in a cute antique shop?

  3. 3. Snow Fort Competition

    A little rivalry can be good for a relationship, plus whoever’s fort is better might be a new cozy place to hide from the winter weather.

  4. 4. Cook a Meal Together

    You may not be the best cook, and they might not be either, but trying something new and making something together can be a great way to get closer.

  5. 5. Go Sledding

    This might not be the most unique idea, but sledding can help keep the child in all of us alive and well, not to mention, you can make your significant other pull the sled back up the hill.

If you're anything like me, you might despise winter. Everything always seems more difficult when there's snow and ice everywhere. Finding cute date ideas, where you aren't miserably cold, is no exception.