4 Easy Dessert Recipes To Help Get You Through the Semester

Let's face it. To get through the second half of the semester, a girl needs three things: sleep, coffee, and DESSERT. Doing writing essays and taking exams is so much sweeter when you know you can reward yourself afterward with a slice of gooey cake or a bowl of ice cream. Check out these easy recipes to cure your sweet tooth.

1. Oreo Pudding Poke Cake Dessert

This cake is like Oreos on drugs (in a good way, obvs). And it's super simple to make, with only four ingredients, one of them being cake mix. One of my pet peeves is when a dessert recipe has more than six ingredients or takes some master chef technique to bake. Dessert shouldn't be complicated. 

2. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This is hands down the best banana bread recipe ever. Trust me on this. Banana bread has been my favorite food since I was five years old and this is the only recipe my mom ever used, and now the only recipe I ever use. We've tried others, yes, but nothing compares. The great thing about banana bread is that it qualifies as breakfast and dessert. Think of it as multitasking. And feel free to add in your favorite ingredients - walnuts, peanut butter/butterscotch chips, etc. Just make sure you have some brown bananas!

3. Chocolate No Bake Cookies

No-bakes are great because, guess what, you literally boil some ingredients together (that you probably already have) then plop some tablespoons onto some wax paper and stick them in the fridge. I remember making these cookies for my host family in India, and they absolutely went wild at how good they thought they were. Pretty sure they are the only family in India with a no-bake recipe. Anyways, these are easy, classic, and delicious. 

4. Fruit Pizza

If you're looking for a healthy (???) dessert, this one is a start since it has fruit in the title. I'm pretty sure the frosting and the sugar cookie in this recipe take away any nutritional value that the fruit has, but that doesn't mean this isn't one of the best desserts of all time. In fact, this is what I opt for instead of a birthday cake. You can customize this recipe by picking out all your favorite fruits, and the rest is so simple you won't believe it. Buy grocery store sugar cookie dough and then mix marshmallow fluff and cream cheese together for the frosting. My roommate and I ate an entire pizza in one night while sitting on the kitchen counter, sober. That's how good it is. 

So, are you hungry yet? I know I am! Good luck with the rest of your semester, collegiettes.