3 Movies to Watch if You Loved "La La Land"

Everyone knows that “La La Land” was arguably the most successful and critically acclaimed movie in 2016. It had dazzling stars and a beautiful premise. It was no surprise when the film racked up the Academy Award nominees. (14 to be exact, which is a record amount of nominations). I personally saw the film and thought it was wonderful, but to be honest I have seen other films that play the same enchanting card. If you fell in love with the movie musical format that “La La Land” displays, then I have got the perfect movie recommendations for you. Below I have listed 3 fantastic flicks that will leave your mind blown. Some of these films are what “La La Land” based their production around so you know they are going to be good.


  1. “Singin’ In the Rain” (1952)

This musical takes place in the golden age of Hollywood. The movie stars Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds and is one of the best musicals I have ever seen. The dancing and singing sequences are extravagant and charming. I guarantee you will love this movie if you enjoyed “La La Land”.

  1. “Funny Face” (1957)

This film stars the lovely Audrey Hepburn and dancing icon Fred Astaire, so you know it is going to be some quality stuff. This movie is one of my favorites and has the power to brighten up your day, no doubt. There is even a scene in “La La Land” that pays homage to this musical, so watch it to see if you can catch it!

  1. “The Artist” (2011)

This movie won the Academy Award for best picture in 2011 and deserved it. Although this movie is not a musical it still takes on the theme of a modern film that pays tribute to old Hollywood. This movie is silent and is presented in black and white film. It is so well done that you forget that there is not any talking and are captivated by the plot.