Why I Choose Optimism


     Optimism. It’s something that’s easier said than done. Generally, I have a “glass half full” mentality, and I can’t remember a time where I wasn't that way.  That being said, I’m human and I get frustrated just like everyone else. I have moments where I’m stressed out, annoyed, or just downright pissed off. However, being optimistic has helped me learn to manage these emotions. I’m realistic and understand that the world isn’t perfect, but I choose to find the good in it. Life is just more fun that way :)

     There are a lot of reasons why optimism is such an amazing thing. Optimists are generally more content and have overall positive demeanors. They tend to be more creative, gracious, and courageous. Here’s my list of reasons why I choose to keep believing in the best of things and people.


“An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

Life isn’t always easy. Hurdles will be thrown your way, and sometimes it feels like you’re tripping over EVERY SINGLE ONE (like 3 papers, 2 exams, a presentation, and a job interview in 1 week). That’s me pretty much all of the time. That job interview?-  I didn’t get it. Instead of looking at this as a failure, I saw the interview as a learning opportunity. I had a chance to practice my interview skills, and a reason brush up my resume and buy new dress clothes. A lot of good came out of that situation! You learn a lot from your mistakes, and only an optimist is able to realize that.


You’re Resilient

So you tripped over some hurdles, that’s ok! Everyone does once in a while. Optimists know how get back up after a face-plant. I’ve had failures- a bunch of ‘em! That job that I didn't get? I shook it off, and tried again. Then guess what happened?? I ~networked~, went in for an interview, and got the job! A REALLY FREAKIN’ COOL JOB that I’m PUMPED about (so pumped that I felt caps lock was necessary). Knowing that something bigger and better was out there gave me the courage to get back on my feet and try again! Optimism, my friends.

Let Big Sean teach us a lil’ somethin’


You’re Mindful

Mindfulness is being aware of yourself and your surroundings. We all get stressed out (and if you don’t, then you’re a wizard and I want to know your ways). Optimists tend to be more mindful than pessimists, and are therefore better at managing stress. Stress relief = overall better mood! When I start to stress (a daily occurrence), I’m able to overcome it. To-Do lists are literally the best things since sliced bread. I write down everything that needs to be done, and it keeps me motivated. I do things one-by-one, one step at a time. Optimists don’t let stress and other negative feelings take over. They are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel!


You Appreciate the Little Things

You got a new shampoo?! YOU GO GIRL. You didn't fail your nutrition exam?! PROUD OF YOU. HoCo has pesto tortellini?! HELL YEAH. All these little things add up, and recognizing them will honestly make your day so much better. Everyday, I try to find one little thing to look forward to. Because I’m me, my reasons are usually food-related. I’m Italian, need I say more? If I know my day is reaaalllyyy gonna suck, I’ll treat myself to a smoothie at the Juicery or a Southwest Chicken Salad at Union Court *heart eye emoji*. Finding what makes you happy will make a huge difference in your day!



You Celebrate Your Achievements

If you worked your butt off on a paper and got an A, give yourself some credit! It wasn't luck or that the professor was in a good mood, that was all you! Recognizing your own achievements is something that not everyone can do. I’ve just started realizing that I’m capable of doing some really awesome things. Realizing I tackled one task serves as motivation for me to do well on the next! You are allowed to be proud of your hard work and not feel bad about it. Optimists understand that they’re able to do some pretty cool things, and then give themselves credit for it.



Optimism is Contagious

This is a proven fact! I always try make somebody else’s day a little bit better, and if I’m in a good mindset, I hope that it will spread to those around me. I want to be the person to spread positivity rather than negativity (negativity is contagious too!). Share positivity, be kind to each other, and be the reason why someone smiles.

Life is Just More Fun :)

Finding the good in your day and in people is WAY more fun than thinking everything sucks (but if that’s your style I’m not one to judge).


Being optimistic doesn't mean I’m blind to the realities of the world, it just means I try to find the good in a situation. I’m not naive, I just choose to live the happiest life I can! Try it out sometime, I bet you’ll like it :)