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Why Everyone Should Read “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero

I usually don’t pick up a book unless I’ve heard someone somewhere raving about it. In this case, I heard everyone raving about New York Times Best Seller You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero. So this summer I decided to snag it off of Amazon and give it a try, and, no surprise here, I absolutely loved it. Here are some reasons why everyone, no matter your age, should read this awesome book. 

You don’t have to be seeking self-help to appreciate a self-help book.

We all could use a little advice no matter what stage in life we’re in. This book can inspire anyone from those at rock bottom, to “doing okay,” to “I’m awesome but how do I stay this way.” If I re-read this book later in life (which I absolutely plan on doing) I know I’ll gather something completely different than I did before. This is the kind of book to highlight like crazy, mark with book tabs, and post quotes from. 

She speaks to you with no nonsense. 

As the title suggests, Jen Sincero is not afraid of brutal honesty with a dash of profanity. Whether or not that’s your cup of tea, her hilarious personal stories and lessons to be learned from them will certainly leave an impact. The book is equal parts “here’s what I’ve experienced,” “here’s what you may be going through,” and “here’s how to make your life more awesome.”  It’s broken up into five parts, each with a unique way of making you think and kicking you in the butt with inspiration. 

It’s filled with clever quotes to live by.

This book is loaded with easy-to-read chapters and between stories, anecdotes, and lessons with quotes to live by in nice big font to grab your attention. Many of the quotes and inspirational motivators can make you stop and rethink your life for several minutes, which is kind of amazing. Here’s a few of my favorites:

It’s guaranteed to inspire action, self-love, and make you want to live life to the fullest.

Which is exactly what everyone wants and needs to hear, especially at a point in life where we’re lost and confused (college and post-grad?) What’s that thing that you’ve always wanted to do but were too scared to do it? Because Jen will make sure you become brave enough to do it. 

You may relate to all of the book, some of the book, or none of the book. It doesn’t really matter, because I think EVERYONE could gain something from it, and that something could be life changing. If you’re the type of person who wont read a book until you hear someone from somewhere raving about it…I’m raving about it! Go read it!


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