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Are you sick of using masks only once and then throwing them away? Want to be more sustainable but also protected from COVID-19? I got you! I researched and tested out some brands of reusable face masks so you don’t have to. I’m here to give you the run down on some of the most breathable and afforable brands of reusable face masks out there, so you can protect yourself, not break the bank, and look good doing it.

1. Beau Ties LTD

Beau Ties LTD is a Vermont based clothing and accessory store. They sell formal wear attire, such as bowties, neck ties, pocket squares, dress shirts, etc., but due to COVID-19, they recently started selling face masks as well. Their face masks are 100% cotton, 3 layers, have a bendable nose wire, and come in 3 different sizes and a variety of colors! Their ear bands are also adjustable, so if the typical band size just doesn’t fit you – do not fear, you can shorten the bands to fit comfortably! These masks also come with a place to insert a filter for an added layer of protection. The masks go for $12 – so they’re pretty similar in cost to a pack of 50 disposable masks, but these ones are cuter, and you can use them over and over! I personally own 5 of these amazing masks, and highly recommend for anyone who is in search of reusable masks!

2. Athleta

Many of you may know Athleta for their comfortable workout and yoga gear, but they are another brand who have adapted their product selection to be COVID-19 friendly by selling face masks. Their masks are super affordable and there are 2 different styles to choose from. Their “Everyday Non Medical Masks” come in packs of 5 and are $30. Each mask in the pack is a different color, has 3 layers, AND has the adjustable ear bands. They also have their “Made to Move Mask” which comes in a pack of 3 for $25. This style also has the adjustable ear bands and a bendable nose nose. These masks look like a great option for sports related activities where masks are required – they’re very breathable and versatile on sizes.

3. caraa

caraa is a bag company that now also sells face masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They carry one style – their “Universal Mask” 5 pack – and filters that you can insert between the 2 layers of the mask. The fabric of these masks is very breathable and they come in a variety of color combinations. The pack of 5 masks goes for $25, and there is free shipping in the Continental U.S., making these masks a super affordable option if you’re on the hunt for a good brand of reusable masks. These masks also come with the adjustable ear band and come in kids sizes, making their sizing very inclusive for all face shapes.

Photo by Bára Buri on Unsplash

4. Nxt STOP

Nxt STOP is a sustainable fashion brand that creates travel clothing and accessories. They begin to create masks due to COVID-19, like many other brands. They carry 5 different styles of face masks, all priced pretty reasonably for the quality. Their “Bamboo Face Mask” specifically is the one that I see people ranting and raving about. You can either get a dual layer bamboo mask at $14, or a 3-layer bamboo mask with a pocket for a filter at $15.50. These masks are insanely soft, machine washable, adjustable and breathable (thanks to being made from bamboo). They also come with the bendable metal nose wire to keep the mask secure. They advertise that not only is the bamboo more breathable than cotton, but bamboo is also stronger and has more hygienic qualities than polyester or cotton. They also do have cotton masks that are dual layer which run for $10.


5. BeWellGroup

BeWellGroup on Etsy was created to help with the mask shortage that started when COVID-19 first broke out in mid-March. Their masks are made from muslin cotton and are 4 layers. They come in 32 possible colors! Some are bright and patterned, while some are minimal and solid colored, making this Etsy store the perfect place for people of different styles to shop. The masks also come with the bendable nose wire, and a slit for a filter insert – you can even add an order of filters onto your purchase of the masks. The masks start at about $10, so they’re a super affordable option if you’re looking for reusable masks that come in cute patterns. There is also free shipping in the U.S., which is always an added bonus when shopping anywhere.

As always, if you have masks being sold from local businesses, PLEASE support them! COVID-19 hurt a lot of small businesses that had to close for a period of time, so always do a quick search and call some of your local stores to find out more about what they are doing to help protect your community during these difficult times. Happy masking!

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

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