Anna Schultz-Girl On Computer Stress

Tips for Getting Through the Stressful Parts of the Semester

This time of year has never been my favorite. After a long winter full of snow and cold weather (and no end to the cold weather any time soon), and it's also the point in the semester when the workload is piling up, there are lots of exams, and everyone is sick. This week has been stressful for me because I've had so many exams and so much stuff to do, but have also been very sick on top of it. Especially with spring break coming up in a few weeks, it's been so hard to stay motivated. Since, as college students, we all get so stressed out and busy we can forget to take care of ourselves; I thought I would share some tips for everyone else having a similar experience this week since we all needf a reminder sometime. 

1. Give Yourself Time to Relax

If you're feeling sick, it is totally ok to miss class, skip the gym for a few days, take a break from homework and studying, just give yourself time to relax it is so important!

2. Make Time For Self Care

Whether it's a face mask, getting your nails done, an extra long shower, or just taking a break from your phone, whatever self care means to you, it will help you get through a stressful week. 

3. Take Your Vitamins and Stay Hydrated

Especially when you're feeling under the weather, it is so important to make sure you're eating healthy, drinking lots of vitamins, and drink plenty of fluids. 

4. Get Enough Sleep

I cannot stress enough how important it is to get enough sleep. Especially if you're sick, you will never get better if you don't get enough sleep.

5. Do Things That Will Put You in a Good Mood

I try to remember throughout the day to do things that will put me in a good mood. Whether it's eating my favorite snack, watching my favorite movie, watching funny TikToks, or talking to my friends: it helps cheer me up and put me in a better mood and helps me feel better and then I can get focused on studying.