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The Pressure of Choosing a Career Path

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When I was younger, I’d jump back and forth between every job imaginable, especially the most random ones. Astronaut, ballerina, race car driver, pilot, marine biologist, the list would continue on for pages. I never grasped onto a single one for more than a couple of days, maybe a week at most. The indecisive pattern kept repeating (no surprise there) once I got older. I realized everyone pretty much had some idea of what they wanted to do once we reached the later years of high school, except for me. The amount of Buzzfeed quizzes that I took is pretty embarrassing, (not gonna lie, I took one a couple of days ago). 

It’s difficult when you don’t know your likes and dislikes right off the top of your head. It’s troubling when you seemingly can’t find something that you’re passionate about and can’t wait to pursue. I like a little bit of everything, I have some hobbies that I entertain myself with, but there’s no extreme love for one thing. It can make you feel uninteresting, or like you aren’t living correctly. Fortunately for me, there is really no correct way to live. 

Not being certain about myself seriously affects my thought process when looking into job opportunities and possible career paths. I think one of the more daunting things for me is committing to a job that would be such a large part of my life. The idea that you have one career, which shapes your life and who you are, 100% weighs down on me. I’ve of course had part-time jobs and summer jobs, but it’s hard to grasp the fact that pretty much solely working will become my life. Of course, you could tell me to suck it up and deal with the reality of it all, and I probably should do just that. But, I’d rather not just yet.

I was always told by various people when going into college that you should choose a job that you’ll love and enjoy, where you’ll look forward to going to work. It seems easier said than done, obviously. However, the general principle of the statement seems like it should be listened to. I think it’s something we should all keep in mind, even if it seems redundant or silly.

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I’ve recently had the realization that life is about trying new things, which sounds dumb, but is true. It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing yet. It’s hard not knowing the future. Worst case scenario, you try a job and hate it. Then, you quit and look for another one.

The pressure revolving around picking a career path is insanely intense. I understand it being stressful, but in no way should it be giving me an ongoing reason to want to cry, like seriously. 

In conclusion, I’m still figuring it out

So, unfortunately, if you’ve chosen to read this article because of the possibility there would be a step-by-step guide on how to choose which career path to venture onto, I can’t give you that, even though I wish I could. Just know that you aren’t the only one confused!

This was pretty therapeutic to write, honestly.

That Buzzfeed quiz I took a couple of days ago:


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