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The Stinky Secret To Falling In Love

Only two weeks until Valentines Day! Hopefully you already have a special someone, but if you don’t you may want to consider finding a new beau, not just for your heart’s sake, but for your health!

University of Pennsylvania has been at work in their laboratories trying to find yet another reason for us to love our men. In a startlingly stinky study, scientists found some pretty interesting insight in female emotions effected by men. Brace yourselves, this may horrify you… But, being near men’s armpits has been proven to make you happy and healthy. Ah! Ew! What? Yup, it’s true, their perspiration can brighten our moods, reduce our tension and increase our relaxation!

You know how you can “sync up” with your girl friends time of the month? Well that is not a myth; it is actually due to our lovely female pheromones. George Preti and Charles J. Wysocki predicted male pheromones would have a similar affect on us. They were right. For four weeks they instructed men shower with fragrance free soap, and refrain from using deodorants. Their perspiration extracts were then blended together to avoid reaction to any individual man. Then 18 women, ages ranging from 25-45, applied the male perspiration to their upper lips and rated their moods. The poor women were not told that the substance was male sweat. “The women reported feeling less tense and more relaxed during the exposure of the male extract,” Said Wysocki, “This suggests that there may be much more going on in social settings like singles bars than meets the eye.”

Fortunately for you single ladies, Valentines day falls on a Thursday this year so you can hit the bars or attend a good party and sniff out some good men. As for you taken ladies, maybe you should rethink that bottle of cologne you were going to surprise him with and let him go au naturale. I doubt you needed another reason to snuggle in closer to your man, but now you can feel less guilty about being a little clingy (you know, when you need to relax a little). 

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