Spring in Durham

News Flash: It has FINALLY hit 70 degrees in Durham! Seriously, this winter seemed like it would never end. Of course it’s 40 and raining as I’m writing this, but that’s besides the point. New England in the summer is the absolute best, and UNH is beautiful during this time of year. Now that Bean Boots and parkas are a thing of the past, take advantage of what our school has to offer! Spring decided to show up :)

Sit and enjoy the sunshine on T-Hall Lawn

This place looks like a beach as soon as the snow is gone! It’s my favorite place to set up a blanket and spend time with friends. I usually run to Zeke’s in the library to grab a coffee, and sit on lawn to do homework.  If you’re blessed with skin that *doesn't* fry the second it hits sunlight, this is a great spot to tan.


Take a walk to the Spot or the Juicery

Since we no longer need to worry about the wind tunnel known as Main Street, take a few minutes to walk downtown and grab a smoothie or acai bowl! I’ve recently discovered the Espresso Yo’ Self smoothie and my life has been changed forever.



Explore College Woods

 If you’re starting to go campus-crazy, walking the trails in College Woods is a great little escape. It’s the perfect spot to clear your head and de-stress from projects and exams. Another bonus- It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll see a dog somewhere in your travels!




Eat lunch at the Dairy Bar

I wish I was joking when I say I’m here at least once a week. The majority of my Dining Dollars are spent here. I was there today.  When it’s nice out, you can sit outside and eat lunch (AND ice cream, obviously). I highly recommend the Train Stop Grilled Cheese or the Pesto Chicken Sandwich… You’ll thank me later ;)



Join a volleyball or basketball game

There are sand volleyball courts and basketball courts all over campus- behind Stoke, Willy & Christensen, Hubbard, and Gibbs. There’s usually a game going on somewhere that you can join, or you can start your own. It’s a fun way to enjoy the fresh air and get in a lil’ workout! Go be the gym class hero you were born to be.



See what’s going on in the Fishbowl

The lawn between Smith, Scott, and Congreve, a.k.a. “The Fishbowl” is always full of people!  There’s always something going on, whether it be a Spikeball or KanJam Tournament, Frisbee game, or people playing guitar. Just like T-Hall lawn, it’s an awesome place to meet up with friends and enjoy the sunshine!



Take the long way to class

I’m an early bird so I don’t mind this, but I can understand why this can be a challenge for people who love sleep. I’m happiest when I start my day with fresh air. This winter I was too busy sprinting to class to avoid the freezing cold Mother Nature threw at us.  Now that that’s over with, leaving my dorm 10 minutes earlier and walking around campus before class instantly boosts my mood.



Blast country music with your friends

I’m a true believer that a good playlist makes all the difference in the 30-minute line at Coffee Craving. In my mind, warm weather = country music. Roll down the windows, sing along to whatever your heart desires, and get your Caramel Mudslide Iced Coffee (a.k.a. my heart and soul). If you want some country recommendations, I’m your girl. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with Luke.  I already know “Hooked On It” will be my song of the summer.



Take a drive to the beach

We’re super lucky that we’re only 20 minutes from the beach! York, Rye, and Hampton are all super close. If you have a free weekend, take a drive to the coast and get away from campus for a little bit. I’m excited stroll along the Cliff Walk in York this summer.



Spend the day in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a great option if you don’t have a car because Wildcat Transit will take you there! There are tons of adorable shops and delicious restaurants. It’s right on the water and it makes a perfect spring/summer destination!



Finals week will be here before we know it. Here are a few of my favorite outdoor study-spots:

  • Picnic tables behind Ham Smith

  • Courtyard between T-Hall, the library, and Murkland

  • Courtyard next to Paul

  • Upper/ Lower Quad