Senior Scaries

You’re in your fourth year of college and ready to jump into the real world. You cannot believe how far you’ve come since you moved into that freshman dorm just three years back. You have developed beautiful friendships and maybe a few bad drinking habits, but hey, you’re only this young once. It’s like the time has crept up on you and you’re amazed you’ve even gotten this far. You’re excited, anxious, and hopeful for these days leading up to graduation day. THEN, it hits you. As exciting as this time may seem you find yourself getting overwhelmed with job applications, career fairs, work-study jobs, and senior capstone projects. It’s almost as if you can feel time slipping right through your hands and the year you wanted to make the most of is only causing you to crumble in stress.

During this vital time in your college career, and even larger life, do not forget to take care of yourself. You’ve finally reached the point where the world is at your fingertips and are now coming to the realization just how stressful that much power can be. Use this time to be grateful. Through every exam, college party, and shitty dining hall food- you survived. You have found the friends that will be your bridesmaids one day, and finally found how to apply eyeliner properly. You’ve experienced college hockey games and maybe even some college heartbreaks. From breakdowns on the phone with your mom about how bad you want to go home, to hitting the bars with your girls for the first time. Be grateful. Be grateful for the long nights in the library, football tailgates, and every drunken slice of pizza in between.

You are strong. You are intelligent. You are a boss babe about to enter the real world and take it by storm but take this time to enjoy your last year of being free. There will be moments when it’s hard and you feel uncertain of just how much pressure you can really take. Will I pass this Capstone? Is anyone ever going to hire me? At this point in your life, the biggest question you should be asking yourself is why you aren’t having fun while you’re still young. Before you know it, it’ll be graduation day. So, grab your girls and a bottle of wine, it’s full send senior year ladies- live it up!