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Max Oetelaar
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Okay, so I was originally planning on sharing my family’s secret recipe for my grandma’s mayonnaise cake (trust me the taste is 100000000x better than the name) but when I asked for it my brother said “hell no!” Instead of going against what he said, I guess it’d only be fair to share a different remedy for comfort that’s gotten me through the past couple of weeks. While it’s not a recipe for a delicious chocolate cake, it’s still a recipe that brings me much happiness and peace! So, what is it you might be asking? Well, it’s the ingredients to a perfect at-home relaxation get-away. And all you need is the Dollar-Tree and Walmart. Whoever said you have to go to a high-end spa to receive true serendipity was so completely wrong! Not only do these stores save you tons of money but the quality is surprisingly really nice!  

What you’ll need: 

  1. Candles! → I love going to the candle section and grabbing a small jar, which tends to be under $3 or so. I love switching them up during the seasons, hence why the one I’ve been burning through lately is called Pumpkin Souffle! 

  2. Fuzzy socks → the Dollar-Tree has a huge selection ranging in color, pattern, and size! 

  3. Face masks → my go-tos are anything charcoal related! 

  4. Nail polish → Dollar-Tree again has a wide variety to choose from 

  5. Tea or hot chocolate → my go-to tea is honey lavendar with a drizzle of honey to add a little sweetener

Once you have the essentials you’re all ready to go! Head back to your room, take a nice hot shower or bath. Sometimes I like using a bath bomb or certain epsom salts if I have the time. Then put on your favorite movie or TV show, drink some tea or hot chocolate, and unwind by treating yourself to a spa night! 

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