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Dorms can get quite distracting, it is where all of your belongings live, and therefore, it also houses the crossroads for your attention. It is so important to stay on top of your work, especially with the rigor that college provides. Getting out of your dorm and settling into a nice comfortable study spot is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Once you have settled in, the only thing you have with you to do is your work. It is very important to find a study spot which you are the most comfortable and the most productive. Luckily, the University of New Hampshire has many options to choose from…


The library has various options for study settings. If you are one that really likes a quiet environment, there are many rooms with doors marked “Q” for quiet study room (these areas are your best bet for guaranteed quiet) . There are also different areas where you may talk, these areas are great for doing group work. Within the two areas of varying volume, there are cubicles, large tables, and lounging areas equipped with comfy couches and chairs. Many people find working in the cubicles successful as all you really have with you is your work, and you are cut off from potential distractions by the dividers. The library also houses Zeke’s Cafe on the fourth floor. Zeke’s is a great resource if you’re planning to ‘camp out’ and spend an extended period of time powering through your work pile.



Kingsbury Hall is another favorite study spot on campus, there are so many nooks and crannies that provide great study spaces. At the top of each flight of stairs in the north wing staircase, there are lounges containing tables that allow you to spread out and get your work done. There are also lounge areas with large windows, harboring tons of natural light, overlooking Parsons Hall. Kingsbury Hall also houses an Engineering, Math and CS library which has additional study spaces free of distractions. Many students also like to utilize the classrooms, as you are able to use them when they are vacant. Kingsbury has a small grab and go cafe named Albert’s, where you can find breakfast goods, lunch basics or just a snack to keep you afloat while studying.


Parsons Hall contains a library geared toward chemistry. This library is a quiet space that many students who frequent the chemistry building like to study in. However, it is open to all as a great study space. There are also two lounge areas, one in each main entrance of Parsons Hall where many like to get some work done in between classes.


The Memorial Union Building is another great place to study. There are many tables outside of Union Court where many like to sit down and get their work done. This area is not always the quietest, especially around lunch time, but it is great for those doing group work or those who don’t mind the hustle and bustle. Just above Union Court, there are comfy couches and chairs that many like to settle into to get some work done as well, this area is much more loungy and a bit quieter.



Paul College, is another popular spot, especially for business majors. There is so much wide open space and a great wall of windows allowing for tons of natural lights. Within the open space, there are couches and desk chairs scattered about, perfect for checking off your homework ‘to-dos.’ CornerStone 1926, a nice little cafe, is also housed on the ground floor of Paul College making it easy to grab a coffee or a quick study snack!


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