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Last Semester Bucket List

Senior year is coming close to an end. Spring semester came a lot faster than anticipated. No one wants to leave college feeling like they didn't do everything they could have possibly done their last few months in college. As much as we would like not to think about it, we only have about four months left of our college career. Four months to do things that we always wished to do but never got the chance to or things that we just need to do one last time before entering the adult world. So here are some things that you should all add to your college bucket list.

1. Watch the Pats (hopefully) win another Superbowl

Us seniors have been truly blessed. If pats win the superbowl this year, it will be three out of our four years of our college career that we get to head to main street to celebrate!

2. Themed Dinners at Hoco

Themed dinners are one of the best things to go to at the dining halls and are when the dining halls produce their best food. 

3.  Catch a movie at the MUB

The MUB shows movies that are not yet on DVD but aren't in theaters. The movies run all weekend nights and are free for students, so look up the movies for the weekend you want to go and head on over to the top floor of the MUB.

4. Sex Ed Bingo

CAB hosts a lot of different events and various types of bingo throughout the year and one of the most popular one is Sex Ed Bingo. This semester it is on February 15th at 9pm in the Granite State Room. Grab a group of friends and try your luck to win some interesting prizes. 

5. Late Night at Philly

While living in the freshman year dorms Christensen and Williamson or the SERCs, late night Philly was a must go to on Sunday-Tuesday nights. Philly stays open until 11pm and serves stuff like breakfast food, pizza and munchies. Why not return to Philly one last time to enjoy some late night grub. 

6. Sledding 

Snow days always tend to happen so why not take one of your days off to go sled down Library or Wagon Hill. If sledding doesn't fit your athletic needs, a lot of students make jumps and snowboard or ski down the Library Hill.

7. Snow Darty


If sledding just doesn't sound like a great way to spend your snow day, find some friends to go drink in the snow with. A weird but typical thing that happens here at UNH.

8. Rivalry Hockey Game

Everyone knows the best hockey games to go to at UNH are the ones against our long time rivals the Maine Blackbears. White Out the Whitt is Wednesday, February 14th at 7pm. 

9.  Trivia Night

Many people don't typically think about going out on Wednesday nights but trivia night is a must. Head to Scorps with your friends and participate in Trivia.

10. Quarter Flip Night

Another Wednesday night deal is quarter flip at the Knot. Flip a quarter and if you win the drink is a quarter. If you loose, you pay full price. 

11. Friday Night Live Music

The Knot also has live music on Friday nights at 10pm 

12. Go on Spring Break with Friends

13. Family Dinner

Pick a night with your roomies to prepare and cook a meal. It'll be a great way to spend time together and hopefully the food will turn out good.

14. Go Star Gazing on the Football Field 

15. Lay Out on T-Hall

T-Hall is a trade mark spot on campus. When the weather gets nice, take the time to lay out on the lawn with friends one last time. 

16. Watch the Sunrise at Rye Beach

Wake up early with your friends and take the short drive to Rye Beach to watch the world wake up.

17. Explore Adam's Point

Walk around Adam's point on a nice day and get lost in nature. 

18. Sushi Sunday at Ikko

Ikko Japanese Steakhouse is located in Dover and on Sunday they offer $3 sushi rolls. Grab a couple friends and pig out. 

19. Dover Bowl on Tuesday

$2 Tuesday's at Dover Bowl are a must. From 3-10pm, all games of bowling, laser tag, and bumper cars are only $2 per person. There is also $2 food and drink specials. It'll be a fun night without breaking the bank. 

20. Walk through College Woods 

21. Go out in Portsmouth 

Portsmouth is located just 15 minutes from campus and is only a cheap uber away. Switch it up one weekend and instead of going to Scorps or Libby's, check out Gas Light or Thirsty Moose. 

22. Darty Season

Spring semester is known for being darty season, so next nice warm day go out and party. 

23. Breakfast at Young's

if you're in the need of some good eats after a night of drinking, grab your roomies and head to breakfast at young's.

24. Go to May Day

May Day is a huge spring event on campus. CAB puts it on every May. They have a bunch of different carnival rides, food, and a petting zoo!

25. Attend the Spring Concert

The concerts here are always fun. You have to attend what might be your last college concert.

26. Go to Class Drunk

Okay I'm not saying go to class belligerent, but maybe during a nice day before your afternoon classes, go grab some drinks on Scorps deck or go hang at a darty to feel great.

27. Hike in the White Mountains 

We are lucky enough to have the White Mountains so close to campus. Use it to your advantage and go take a hike!

28. Go to WOW

Whats on Wednesdays! Every Wednesday the MUB has either live music or little craft things to do in the Union Court from 10:30am- 2:30pm. 

29. Join an Intramural Sport

30. Rub the Wildcat's Nose 

Everyone entered their freshmen year rubbing the wildcat statue's nose for good luck. Why not try rubbing our favorite cat's nose for some good luck in the real world.

31.  Walk the Field With All of Your Friends and Graduate

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