The Importance of A Mental Health Day

I could sit here and lecture all my friends and everyone reading this to take a menta day once in a while, put your hair up, watch Netflix for a day or go for a run. Whatever works for you. Lately i’ve let school and classes overtake my mental health, and I sometimes need to take a step back and remember to breathe, and that was especially important for me this week. Yet i don't think everyone realizes how important it is to sometimes take a day for yourself. You need to clear your mind sometimes and just start over, instead of continuing to push yourself and be in a more negative headspace. Taking care of yourself is detrimental part of college, solely because it is your first time on your own and it is the first time you are really away from home. Yet with that being said taking a mental day and figuring out what your body needs is the one piece of advice I can give.