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When I was in high school and dreaming about my college career and the future that laid ahead of me, I never imagined that I’d be joining a sorority, let alone even having the thought in the back of my mind. If I’m being honest, I had some of the same stereotypical thoughts that everyone has when someone mentions getting involved in such an organization – ‘you’re paying for friends’, ‘it’s just a way to get into parties and drink more’, ‘they’re all just a bunch of ditzy blondes’, ‘it’s all daddy’s money’, and so on and so forth. But after getting acclimated to campus as a first-semester student, I realized that I couldn’t really knock the idea of rushing until I tried it. When spring recruitment came around I was still very hesitant because I was worried that there weren’t enough houses looking to bring more people in and that I wouldn’t find my best fit. However, after going through it and accepting a bid from Kappa Delta, I realized that I was right where I was supposed to be. Although I’m still in the new-member process, I can already tell just how special this specific chapter is and I can’t wait to see what the next 3.5 years bring!

Ultimately these are the top 5 reasons why I decided to join!

  • GIRL GANG!  

    Personally I think this chapter is home to the most welcoming, caring, unique group of girls. I wouldn’t necessarily say that KD is your standard sorority, but, I think that’s why I’m drawn to it so much. I love the fact that it stands out compared to other ones on campus due to the diversity that each member brings. Apart from this, I feel as though joining a sorority gives you an automatic support system of empowering women who only want the best for you and want you to succeed in everything you do. You make the best of friends that last a lifetime and create unbreakable bonds with people who you may never have met if it weren’t for joining!  

  • Philanthropy

    One of my favorite parts of greek life is the philanthropy aspect. I love that Kappa Delta partners with Prevent Child Abuse America, as well as Girl Scouts. When I was in elementary school I was very active within my girl scout troop, having my mom as my troop leader, and hearing that they collaborate with an organization that was such a huge part of my childhood made me feel like I was already connected to the chapter itself. Being part of a group that works so hard to give back to the community is really important to me and I’m so happy that Kappa Delta provides that opportunity.  

  • Socials

    Another great part of being in a sorority is all the socials and fun events that get put on. What better way to get involved on campus than by going to a formal and meeting others or by participating in a fundraiser, retreat, etc?

  • Connections on campus

    Due to the fact that there are hundreds of girls in each sorority, it’s easy to network your way around campus and find people within your chapter when you’re in need or just want some company.  Need academic help? Meet a sister in the library! Need help finding a job? Ask a sister to put in a good word for you! Need a gym buddy? Sweat it out with a sister! Hungry and want some food downtown? Grab a bite to eat with a sister! I guarantee there’ll always be someone there for you.

  • A home away from home  

    I know that I’ll always be able to call Kappa Delta my second family and will always be able to fall back on this sorority. I’m proud to call these people my sisters – after-all, family doesn’t have to be by blood!  

Look, I get it – sororities aren’t for everybody. However, if you believe Greek life isn’t for you, maybe you should talk things over with a member or do more research before you completely wash the idea down the drain. There’s no harm in trying and reaching out! Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one that speaks to you and years later be able to look back and say ‘it really was the house that built me!’ 


UNH 2022 Hey hey! My name's Liz and I'm a Human Development & Family Studies major. I love all things avocado, Disney and country and am so excited to be a part of this lovely org!
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