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How to Enjoy Your Spring Break from Home

Where the COVID-19 pandemic seems like it’s slowly improving (hopefully I’m not speaking too soon here), people are now more than ever ready to start living their lives again. The past few years for Spring Break, case numbers have peaked. This year, however, mask mandates are beginning to lift, numbers are down, things are undoubtedly better (dare I say, normal). 

So, everyone I know is now going on a tropical vacation. Or if not, they are traveling somewhere that is not school. This year, I will be breaking in luxurious Durham, New Hampshire. Hold the applause…I know you’re all deeply envious.

Why stay in Durham, you ask? Obviously for the beautiful weather…I personally love slush and mud.

Funny, I know.

In reality, I’ll be working during break. Which ultimately sucks. However, I am excited for things to slow down, even if it’s only for a week. At this point in the semester, I, along with everyone else, am so burnt out. I’m so genuinely exhausted from having to be a functioning adult. Yes, I’ll be working. But without the demand of all my classes in addition, I’ll have time to breathe and enjoy life a little bit.

A staycation may be a little bit lackluster in comparison to some of the more popular destinations, but there is still a lot to offer.

  1. Everyone else is gone.

Long line at your normal coffee place? Not anymore. Everyone’s gone on vacation! Want to take a stroll around campus without bumping into anyone? Feel free.

  1. Taking time to enjoy the little things.

Everyday, especially as a college student, is so “go-go-go” all of the time. I’m excited to take a couple of scenic drives to some of my favorite local places and just soak it in.

  1. Taking time to take care of yourself.

For me personally, self-care takes a backseat whenever I get busy with other things like work and school. I’m planning to use this free time as a reset and recharge for the rest of the semester.

Wherever you’re going or not going, I hope you have the best time and stay safe! Enjoy :)

Hi! I'm Hannah, and I'm a junior in Her Campus at UNH! So excited to share my thoughts with everyone and live my blogger dreams :)
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