How Owning a Plant Can Help with Managing Anxiety

How Owning a Plant Can Help with Managing Anxiety

I, like many others, struggle with anxiety. On top of the stress that comes from school, there has been an added stress with COVID-19. There is so much going on at once in all of our lives that it can be difficult at times to find things that make us feel happy. Some of us may not even have the time to do things that make us feel happy and relaxed. One thing that I found that has helped with my anxiety is taking care of my plants. My many, and I mean MANY, plants. The joy that can come from caring for something else I feel could help many of other people manage with their anxiety. While it won’t cure it, you can have something that can distract your mind from all the other stressors going on. Here are some of the reasons why I feel owning a plant helps with anxiety:

1. Doesn’t take up a lot of other time

Plants do not take a lot of time to take care of! Even the busiest of people can have the time to take care of plants. Even just a couple of minutes can help with taking the stress off of your shoulders. You get to take a couple minutes to water and look at the little thing that you are growing and caring for.

snake plant Photo by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash 2. Boosts your feeling of happiness and satisfaction

As you look at the little plant you are growing all on your own, your feeling of satisfaction will rise. As you are taking care of something on your own and getting to watch it grow. This will help with you feeling happy even on your most stressful days. It’s good to have something that makes you happy!


3. Fairly cheap hobby

Unlike many other hobbies, plants can be fairly cheap hobbies to have. Especially with low maintenance plants like succulents. A pot, soil, water, and a window are all they need to thrive and be happy, not to mention make you happy! Plus, it doesn’t cost as much money as retail therapy can, which is good for your bank account ;)

Bristol working from home scene Photo by Mikey Harris from Unsplash 4. Can brighten up any room

The color that plants add to a room make the room feel brighter or even more homey if you are away from home. The bright green pop of color makes the room feel happier and not as dull. Having something colorful in the room you can look at makes it feel happier and can even give you something to smile at! That way if you’re having a bad day then you can have something to come home to if you can’t or don’t have any pets.


5. You don’t need a green thumb to have house plants!

Unlike what many people think, you don’t need a green thumb in order to keep your little plant alive! If you’re nervous about getting a plant, don’t be! There are options you can get that don’t need a lot of personal attention. Cactuses can be a great option for those who are forgetful about water, don’t have the time to spend on caring for them, and they are fairly cheap to take care of! Even if you forget a watering, you won’t have to worry! Cactuses don’t need a lot of attention or water. So, you won’t have to add extra stresses into your life while taking care of your plant!

zz plant Photo by Pino Nguyen from Unsplash

Given all of these reasons, plants can be very beneficial to our mental health. Personally, naming them and getting attached can help reduce anxiety even more! A lot of my plants have names, which personally helps with the feeling of anxiety. You’ll not only feel less alone, but you’ll feel happier, healthier, and you’ll feel satisfied by having something you are nurturing! Plants don’t add any extra stress as they are low maintenance, they brighten up a room, they don’t take a lot of time to care for, and they’re cheap; therefore, they make you feel happier even with all that may go on in your life. It’s important to find something in your life that can help you feel happy if you are feeling anxious, whatever it may be as long as it makes you happy. Plants, they can help. They depend on you to make them happy and when you keep them happy you will be as well!!