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How I have been de-stressing during finals week

By: Sarah LaPorte

Well, how did we already get to the end of the semester? Literally, I feel like I was moving into my apartment building my 200 part IKEA desk in 100-degree weather. Here I am now, pale as fuck, bundled in my comfy studying for finals. This semester is still a little different for me personally as I got lucky since all of my exams are online, I don’t know why, that’s just how my professors are doing it. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean I am not spending six hours in the library with my eyes glued to my computer screen getting hand cramps from writing just like everyone else. I found so far I have been getting extra stressed and overwhelmed while studying in the 40-year-old wooden chairs in the library. So, I found some ways I have been trying to destress that I want to share, maybe this will help some, or maybe not. While I am at the library I try to keep my phone off and minimize distractions, but every 30 minutes to an hour I will turn it back on and give myself a needed mental break. I either walk a quick lap around the library or just stand up and stretch, to remind my body that it still needs to function and I am not a potato. For my night routine post studying, I felt the need to really take a break from my computer and distract my mind so I have been doing a 25-minute yoga video that I found on youtube, specifically ones made for de-stressing and stretching your body. After doing yoga my body feels so relaxed and calm and being able to really stretch out my muscles felt like such a relief. So, treat yourself. Take that 25 minutes out of studying and distract your mind by doing some yoga and end the night with some hot tea to help you rest for the next day. Good luck! 

I am a junior at the University of New Hampshire studying Homeland Security and I have a dual minor in Justice Studies and History. I am from South Kingstown Rhode Island.
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