Hey! Let's Help the Environment

Every day there’s some news about how we are neglecting the earth and environment.  There are people who are constantly advocating and trying to teach anyone who will listen about what we as human beings are doing to the environment. There is plastic upon plastic in our oceans to the streets and roads in which we travel.  Pollution is such a preeminent issue throughout the world and everyone can see it (literally).  The rates of pollution have caused nearly 2.4 million people to be without a clean source of water.  Think about that.  This is something that needs to be fixed.

One of my best friends has taken it upon herself to reduce her carbon footprint and reduce her use of plastic among other harmful substances people use and throw away every day.  I have reached out to her to get ideas about how I can help the environment and if you wish, how YOU can help the environment!



One of the first things recommended (something I assume many have come to own) is reusable straws and cups!  Reusable straws and cups are one of the simplest ways you can reduce your personal unnecessary use of plastic.  They are affordable and are sold literally everywhere.  Pop on to amazon and you can find a cup for around 15-20 dollars and a 12 pack of metal straws for $8.99! The best part is, most if not all are prime!  You can even find ones that can hook on to your key chain... COME ON PEOPLE.  So many people think, “oh whatever I’ll just recycle my cup and straw when I’m done."  Let me tell you, not only is the cup and straw you just drank out of going to stay on this earth for about 500 years and pollute the soil and maybe kill some turtles but, reusable cups and straws keep your drink HOT OR COLD.  *Mic drop*.   


            The next recommendation is something some of you may not know about. I hadn’t heard of it until I was at my friend’s house one night and saw she was wrapping up her secret Santa gift and it was part of the gift.  *Drumroll*... bee’s wax wrap.  Say what?  Bee’s wax wrap takes over your conventional plastic bags.  It is made 100% from bee’s wax which is natural, biodegradable and can be composted.  This product is also really diverse in what you can use it for.  You can use it wrapping sandwiches up for lunch, cover dishes, or wrap up produce, meats and fruits!  It even comes in cute designs.  Check it out here


            The final recommendation is changing up your shampoo.  What do I mean?  There are so many companies that have refillable shampoos and conditioners.  All you have to do is order your shampoo, conditioner or both through the desired website and when you finish them up, you send them back and they refill them for you.  While this may be on the pricier side the results are priceless.  I found a website called, Earthhero who have great options and seem to have great results with all hair types and have yummy scents.  All of their stuff is also vegan, and they also have to-go sized items and who doesn’t love little to-go containers?  So, while you’re helping out your hair, you’re also helping out your environment. It’s a win-win.  


At the end of the day, the only way this world is going to get better is if we all pitch in it make it better, so let’s do that.