Grey's Anatomy Gifs for Finals Week

Grey’s Anatomy is one of my all time favorite shows. I have seen every episode on Netflix and I’m even watching it again just for fun. There are a lot of moments in the show that are super relatable, especially around finals time! Here are some gifs that have reminded me of myself this week:

Looking over my to-do list and realizing how much I still have left to do and wondering where to start.


This one is super real. It reminds me of my attitude when I’m about to sit down and study vs. when I actually start to study and realize how awful it is.


This one is just straight up confusion, and I’m sure we all have at least one of those classes we made this face at while studying this past week.


Even just thinking about everything I have had to get done and study gets this reaction out of me.


When it’s finally time for a break.


And of course when it’s time to eat after a few long hours of sitting and studying.


As much as I have been stressed, I have gotten things done on time and I have studied more than I have probably needed to. Everyone seems to handle finals and this stress in their own way, but the key is that we have handled it.


Although we all hate finals and studying, and this week is really no fun for anyone (unless you have no finals and you went home a week ago) just remember these wise words, you got this!