Gifs That Sum Up Feels About Graduation

Graduating is the most stressful but rewarding time in your life. All of the caffeine induced studying and endless assignments/tests are finally about to pay off. Pretty soon everyone will be collecting their $100,000 piece of paper and heading into the real world, whether they're prepared or not. It can be daunting to start the rest of your life but one thing I always like to remember is you are not alone. Postgrad life is going to be the biggest and best adventure of your life and you will meet tons of people along the way. It won't be all sunshine and rainbows (there will be times where you will have breakdowns) but it will all be worth it in the end. (right?) There are so many feelings that come with graduation, here are a few gifs to sum up those graduation feels. 


The feeling when you come back from Spring break and realize that you only have 2 months until graduation.

feels rachel bilson GIF


Then when you realize all of the work that you have to get done in those 2 months.

stressed out community GIF

When your friends ask what your postgrad plans are for postgrad life.

chris farley idk GIF

When everyone starts planning their grad parties and senior events.

vince vaughn party time GIF

During the ceremony when you realize the past 4 years are officially over.

alex jones sudden realization GIF

Then theres the moment after graduation. 

finding nemo fish GIF

And finally what everyone really means when they say "Oh you must be so excited to get into the real world!".

graduation GIF