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I have always wondered what my life would be like if I didn’t go to school. I probably would be bored, but my head would definitely hurt less. Same as most people, I have been going to school since I was about 4 years old. 9 months of the year we all spend hopelessly trying to process, memorize, retain, and regurgitate information that we all know we won’t ever use again. I never truly thought about the things we learn in school until I got to college. I always just accepted that we were taught a broad range of things growing up to give us a taste of everything so we can somewhat get an idea of what we potentially could do with our lives. 


Now, having been in college for almost a year and a half, I have taken 9 general education classes. I wouldn’t be bothered by this if it wasn’t exactly what I learned in high school. I took AP classes my junior and senior year, and did very well in the classes, but not so well on the exams. So, I didn’t get credit for any of the classes which meant I had to retake them all in order to get credit. This irritated me a lot, as you can probably tell. I have finally figured out what I want to do with my life, and after having changed majors, I realize that I have so much stuff to do before I graduate, I don’t have time to take classes in subjects I’ve already taken. 

I know this is a meaningless rant, but I have come to the realization that my brain, and I’m sure many other people’s brains as well, don’t have the capacity to retain as much information as we’re expected to in subjects that have no correlation to each other at all. Most of the time I don’t feel like I have any brain space to do any complex thinking of my own. If you can’t tell, I’m very much ready to start solely taking classes that line up with each other in a field that I’m actually interested in :)

Hi:) I'm a junior at the University of New Hampshire majoring in Communication and minoring in Business Administration! Aside from writing for HerCampus, I am usually either doing homework or going to the gym. But, when I have a free second I love hanging out with friends, scrolling through Pinterest, or getting outside and going running or hiking! :)
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