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This one’s for the freshmen.

I just began my senior year of college. Scary. It feels like just yesterday I, too, was just a little freshman getting lost on campus and being too scared to talk to people in my classes. Being naturally more introverted, I remember feeling like I was all alone and I had no friends. This was only made worse when I opened social media and saw my old high school friends posting at college looking like they were having the time of their lives.

This made me feel like shit. I was so confused. What was I doing wrong? Why did everyone seem to have no problem making friends but I was the one struggling? Were they really having that much fun? Why do they seem so much farther along than I am? Am I behind?

The key word here is seem. I was only seeing a very small portion of my friend’s lives at college – their highlight reel. It all seemed so perfect. But was it actually? Probably not. Of course they’re going to post when they’re hanging out with new people the first week of college, but it’s impossible to know the real context behind the stories, snaps, and Instagram posts. Chances are, they don’t even speak to those same people anymore. It’s only for show. Trust.

No one wants to post their failures, their setbacks, their embarrassing moments, especially for everyone to see. No one wants to admit that they’re lonely. Social media has become a place to show off your best moments, not you crying that you have no friends at college. But, in reality, basically every single freshman in college is going through the exact same feelings of loneliness, confusion, fear, and anxiety. Think about it, you’re all stepping into the great unknown. None of you have ever been in this strange place before and you’re all just trying to navigate it on your own. But the problem is, no one wants to admit that they’re struggling too. But trust me, they are. Ohhhh, they are.

Everyone is f*cking winging it. Even when you’re a senior. No one knows what they’re doing. I promise you. It’s not that deep. 

Your time will come. You’ll find your people. You’ll be happy. You’ll come into your own and hopefully leave college as the best possible version of yourself. You’re gonna be okay.

Senior at the University of New Hampshire
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