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Easy Starting Workouts to Boost Your Health

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I know we all have trouble getting started on things like going to the gym even if it is extremely beneficial to us. We have projects, term papers, exams, and just regular homework getting thrown in our faces, especially after spring break. Who even has time for the gym anymore? What if I don’t know what I am doing and I look clueless? Last year I was in the same place and I refused to go to the gym because I correlated the gym with running (which I hate) and I was so worried about what people would think of me. I thought they would judge the way I looked and laugh at me if I used the machines incorrectly. It was a scary place, especially with all the “gym bros” lurking in every corner.  At the start of this year, I promised myself I would start working out again and would start going to the gym once a week for at least an hour (Hamel Rec on campus is free with your student ID!)

After I started this, I fell in love with going to the gym. It can help with anxiety, depression, mental health, and physical health as well as being a form of self-care. When I walk out of the gym, it is like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and to think I almost didn’t try going because I was afraid. Going to the gym has really benefited me and I hope these easy workouts can help others get comfortable in their skin, love themselves, and feel better mentally and physically. 

  1. The Treadmill: The treadmill is a great way just to get some light exercise and get warmed up. They have tons of them upstairs at Hamel Rec and are very easy to use. The treadmill is helpful in the fact that it can change speeds, incline, and what type of workout you are looking for. I don’t even use the treadmill to run, I do fast walks on the treadmill while I listen to energizing songs. The treadmill can get you pumped and ready for the next machine especially doing those hot girl model walks (works like a charm). 
  2. The Exercise Bike: The exercise bike is a stationary bike that you pedal. It is a great way to exercise and can burn the back of your thighs if you do it long enough. An interesting thing about the bike is that it can monitor your heart rate and help you reach your target heart rate by adjusting the weight you push on the pedals. Hamel Rec also has a lot of these available with some downstairs and upstairs. I love using the exercise bike because it is an amazing workout without it seeming like it. All of a sudden, you are sweating and hitting your target heart rate which is the best when working out.  It is also very easy to use and a great machine to start off on, I love it! (Great to use when you have lots of pent-up stress/emotions!)
  3. The Stairmaster: The Stairmaster is my favorite machine to use. It seems like it would be easy but it does get you sweating sooner than you would think. It is not a lot of effort either, you just step up the moving stairs at a set speed. This machine makes me sweat the hardest and fastest. It is a great way to work your thighs, and your butt, and put in some cardio. There are quite a few of these machines upstairs at Hamel Rec. I strongly recommend stairmaster for starting out or getting back into working out because the longer you go, the more endurance you create. It is simple to use and leaves you feeling so much better and at peace. I know people talk about runner’s high but I get stair-master’s high. (I have never felt more relaxed than when I do this machine!)

These three machines are the machines that I first started with and fell in love with. After some time, I did branch out to try out some of the different weight machines, but it took me a while. It can be scary sometimes to try something new, especially if you are not feeling yourself, but going to the gym has helped me drastically by improving my mental wellbeing, physical well-being, and making me feel better about myself, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I hope these workouts can help you feel more confident about yourself and become a healthy coping mechanism for school as it has for me. One more thing, do not let the gym intimidate you, you are beautiful the way you are. <3 Love, Britaney

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