The Best Week Ever

In the beginning of my first semester at UNH, I felt nervous and out of place. Although I am only about an hour and a half away from home, it was still such a big deal for me to be moving to another state. My first semester was full of some tough battles, but one of the best things I did was apply to leadership camp.


I had gone into a meeting with my RA after a stressful week. I was upset with how things were going and I really wasn’t sure what I should do next. She brought up leadership camp and told me she thought I should apply. I was confused at first. I really didn’t see myself as a leader. I was the type of person to stay in the back and not speak up because they didn’t want to upset anyone. I was the type of person to stay silent in class even when I had a question for fear of embarrassment and attention. How could someone like me be a leader?


When I finally decided to put my doubts aside, I began my application. I put a lot of work into it and it truly made me think differently about leadership and the type of person I wanted to be, as well as what I was hoping to gain from camp.


I went in for my interview and I was incredibly nervous. I again thought I was not cut out to be a leader and there was no way they could accept me. I only had to wait a short time until I received one of the best emails I got all semester.

I had been accepted.


I had my dad drive me the 2 hours to camp because I barely knew anyone that was going and I was so scared. My anxiety had completely taken over me and I didn’t even want to get out of the car. I was so nervous and convinced that I wouldn’t be liked and that I would make no friends.


Although it was hard for me, I’m so glad I got out of my car that day on January 16th. It isn’t called the best week ever for nothing, and I really mean that. I truly made some incredible connections and did a lot of things that I am proud of.


I won’t lie; there were some times where I felt out of my comfort zone, nervous, and overwhelmed. But it was all in a good way. There were also times when I couldn’t stop laughing, times when I had a permanent smile plastered on my face, and times where I was as happy as I could have been.


From times spent up late playing games and laughing like no other. From unforgettable moments in my action pack group. From family styles meals full of good food. To the incredible people that were part of UNH leadership camp winter 2019, thank you for everything you have done for me.