Being Boujee on a Budget

Got a champagne taste with a beer budget? I know I do. Being a college student, I find that I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend once the bills are paid. Butttttt, I do really enjoy looking nice and feeling put together. Here are some hacks if you share my love for looking classy and trendy without breaking the bank.
*I will post links to and pictures of examples of what I’m talking about! None of these products are sponsored I just like them! Please feel free to check out other brands*
  • Get a UV Lamp for your nails!

In high school, I got my nails filled every two weeks like clockwork. I LOVED my acrylics, but I have a lot more to pay for than I used to, so I can’t afford them anymore. But that didn’t stop my love for having manicured nails! My sister actually got me a UV nail-drying lamp for Christmas last year. It makes doing my nails way quicker, and the polish lasts much longer than usual. I can get about a week and a half without chipping if I do a clear top coat!

(image:, get it for $22.99:

  • This mascara brand and trick can give you the look of lash extensions!

It continuously SHOCKS me how much people pay for extensions…and how often you have to go! I swear by this mascara, and it’s drug store brand! The key is to apply like usual, and then wait until it’s completely dry (otherwise it can get clumpy). Once a minute or two has passed, apply a second layer. The dried first layer now acts like your natural lashes, so adding more mascara will lengthen thicken even further. Also, apply Vaseline to your eyelashes before going to bed to make them grow quicker and fuller!

(image from and buy it at: for $9.99)

  • Fake Gucci Belt

I don’t know about you, but $25 is my max for a belt. Getting a black thick belt with two rings in the middle mimic the Gucci style, at a fraction of the cost.

(image from:, buy it for $24 at:

  • Scrunchies

I personally like the patterned ones! On days I just don’t feel like trying, throwing my hair back into a ponytail or bun with a scrunchie around it manages to make my hair look cute.  Also, if your hair is down, it definitely looks cuter than a regular hair elastic around your wrist.

(image:, buy a pack for $9.99:

  • Sunglasses

Didn’t feel like wearing eye makeup today/ dark undereye bags? No worries! Throw on some reflective sunglasses to look cool…but also so you can check out cute guys (or girls) without them seeing you stare ;).  

(image from and buy them for $18 at:

  • Self Tanner/ Natural Glow Lotion

Tanning beds are expensive, bad for you, and harmful to your skin! I don’t have the money for spray tans, yet I love the look of a nice tan glow.  Jergens makes a sunless tanning lotion as well as a mousse. For those of us that have not been blessed with much melanin, I recommend applying this to freshly showered skin. It can get streaky, so just make sure to apply as evenly as possible. That part is definitely a little annoying, but it is still a much cheaper yet effective alternative.

(image from and buy it for $13.49 at:

  • If you want to straighten your hair, use a fine-tooth comb!

A comb like this is lowkey life-changing. I like to straighten my hair, but I could never get that fresh, blowout look I’m always going for. Using the pointy end, you can part you hair into smaller chunks, tying back the ones you aren’t working on. Combing the hair slowly and running the straightener over those smaller strands simultaneously gets the hair looking shiny and professionally done. (image from and buy pack of 2 for $8.49 at:

*I hope these tips are helpful! No matter what, though, you are a queen. Happy Holidays!*