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A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation

Let’s be real here, college is stressful. From homework to roommate drama, it can be tough to make yourself feel good again after a stressful day. One simple method to cut back on stress is meditation. Meditating is quick and easy and, if you stick with it, the results can be incredible!

Check out the steps below for how to get started.


1.     Schedule 10 minutes in your day for meditation.


It’s easy to put things off when you have deadlines to meet. If you schedule 10 minutes to meditate at the same time every day, you’re more likely to make it a habit.


2.     Find a quiet space.

The best place to meditate is somewhere quiet and private. In college, that space is probably your room. If you have roommates, pick a time when you know you won’t be distracted or disturbed.


3.     Put on comfy clothes.

The point of meditating is to relax completely. Don’t let uncomfortable clothes take away from your zen!


4.     Make a meditation spot.


Don’t meditate on your bed. Your meditation spot should be used only for that purpose; setting up a yoga mat or some pillows on the floor works great.


5.     Choose a position.


It’s super important to have good posture while meditating; lying flat on your back is usually the easiest position for a beginner.


6.     Meditate!

Set your phone timer for 10 minutes, lie down and close your eyes.


Slowly inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Make sure your stomach expands outward as you inhale, and contracts as you exhale.

Try to clear your mind of any thoughts and focus completely on your breath.

If clearing your mind is too difficult, focus on one positive thought for the full 10 minutes. Keep repeating the thought in your mind.


Good luck and happy meditating! 

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