Apartment Advice: Living With Friends

My freshman and sophomore year of college I lived in Alexander and The Mills which were both great dorms for me because I wanted to be close to downtown. After dorm life you have to think about what apartment you want to live in and with who. It can be difficult to decide because every person usually has their own idea of which apartment they want to live in, so here's some quick and easy advice when making your final decision!

So first you need to make sure the people you choose to live with are people that you will get along with and also have the same overall vibes as you or else it can get awkward or feel uncomfortable. 

Second those people you choose need to also be trustworthy because when living in an apartment you are sharing a lot of things and also most likely will have to pay for other expenses that get split equally. 

Make sure that everyone's budget is also the same because some apartments are much more expensive than others, and some don't even come with parking. Looking at many options and making pros/ cons lists helped my group decide on the top few apartments we wanted to look at.

Lastly most apartments you usually choose in the fall for the following year which can be stressful to think about but the sooner you figure it all out the easier it is to decide on furniture/kitchen supplies etc. Woman laying down on a couch covered in a blanket. Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Hopefully this advice helps and you find your perfect apartment with your friends!!