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8 Ways to Make your Apartment More Homey

You’ve finally got your own apartment! Yay! Even though it’s already so much better than living in a dorm—you’ve got way more space and hopefully your own room—there’s also a lot more area to decorate. So how do you figure out how to make your place look like home without spending a ton of money? Here are a few ideas:

1. Find cheap artwork

I found all of these in Paris for about three euros a piece. I also like to collect postcards of my favorite artwork from museums and frame them to use as art. You can find really cheap but cool art all over the place—at festivals, at outdoor markets, and more.


2. Craft

I made several of these for my apartment to put on end tables, dressers and counters to add decoration and a pop of color. I bought wooden trays from a craft store, some heavy-duty acrylic paint and some stencils and I was good to go!


3. Get throws to put on couches/chairs etc. to make everything look more snuggly

4. Pillows! Find cheap decorative pillows to add color


5. Display your glassware in a cute way

6. Get a corkboard to pin pictures on

This corkboard is homemade, which you could do if you save up enough wine corks. Or go buy one for $15 at a craft store!

7. Get a bookshelf and fill it with your favorite books, pictures etc.
This one is from Ikea, for example.

8. Hang up curtains

These ones are from target.com, but you can find plenty of fun patterned curtains for cheap to liven up a living space!

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