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5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day is a Stupid Holiday

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and with it comes many mixed feelings. There will be the girls posting about how sad their life is and how single they are. Then there will be the girls gushing over how adorable their boyfriend is. I have spent some Valentine’s days single and some taken, but either way, I have decided that I hate Valentine’s day.

1. Valentine’s day is simply a marketing strategy for businesses. This holiday guilts couples into buying chocolates, roses, jewelry, etc. for each other. Then, couples are expected to spend extra money at a fancy restaurant or date activity. Businesses are the main ones benefiting from this holiday. People should be able to love each other without a certain day of the year making them feel like they must spend money to show their appreciation for someone.

2. You should love your significant other every day of the year. One day of the year should not define when you demonstrate your affection to the person you love. Inevitably you are going to love your significant other on some days more than others. Those are the days when you should show your person how you feel about them. Don’t let the calendar define your love schedule.

3. Valentine’s day makes single people feel sad. What is the point in having a holiday that makes half the population unhappy? There are so many strong individuals who are thriving while living the single life and a holiday should not exist that makes them question their decision to be single.

4. Many couples break up right before Valentine’s day. People begin to evaluate their relationships at this time and if things are rocky they may discover it is hard to plan a night out. Instead of working through things, they simply decide to break things off. Others break up because they do not want to deal with the pressures of Valentine’s day, especially if the relationship is relatively new. It is ironic how a holiday thought to promote love causes so many break ups.

5. Valentine’s day supports gender stereotypes. Men are expected to plan some fancy night out with their significant other and buy them flowers. What’s stopping men and women from working together to plan a nice night that they will both enjoy. Let’s end this outdated tradition.

This Valentine’s day remember to love the most important person in your life – you. Treat yourself with the 50% off chocolates on February 15th and remember that being in a relationship or being single is not what defines you.

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