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19 Things I Miss About UNH Because of COVID-19

Now that I have had all of this free time to reflect, I have been thinking about my time at UNH and all of the things I miss since I’m now stuck at home 6 hours away.  UNH is one of my favorite places to be because it has everything I love and so much more.  Here are the 19 things I am missing right now because of COVID-19:

  1. Breakfast Saturday morning in the dining hall with my besties

  2. Walking to class under the fall leaves on our beautiful campus

  3. Going to Portsmouth to walk around the cute shops

  4. Being able to see my besties whenever

  5. Driving around campus with the windows down jamming to music

  6. Getting my daily (or 3rd of the day) iced coffee from Dunkin’

  7. Going to the Juicery when it’s nice out

  8. Day trips to Boston

  9. Putting on real clothes to go to class

  10. Going to chapter every Sunday night so I can see my sisters

  11. Going to the tailgate and football games

  12. Driving to the beach when it’s nice out

  13. Taking spin classes at the Hamel Rec Center with friends

  14. Getting ready to go out with my friends

  15.  Making TikToks in my dorm with my friends

  16. Getting late night and Wild Kitty

  17. Afternoon study sessions at Saxby’s

  18. Going out on the weekends

  19. Going to brunch at Phi Sig on Fridays and eating amazing food

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