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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UNH chapter.

1. Being alone is okay! Being alone is powerful and quarantine has taught me the importance of spending time with me and just me. Learn to be comfortable in your skin.

2. Live in the moment; tomorrow is not guaranteed. COVID-19 can be silent and many people who have it do not know how they got it. You must appreciate every moment you have, because you do not know what tomorrow has to hold. Romanticize your life and everything you do.

3. Hug your mom. She needs that hug more than you think. Moms get sad too.

4. Be more spontaneous. Don’t second guess anything that you do. Some of the most beautiful things in this world happen by accident. Do what your heart tells you. Trust your gut.

5. Do not regret anything. We have one life, so do not dwell on your past. Focus on the present. Don’t stress about your future.

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6. Things are only embarrassing if you think they are. Embarrassment is a state of mind. If you fall, pick yourself up and laugh it off. You’ll be okay. Life goes on.

7. Tell your friends you love them. COVID-19 has taught me that everyone is going through a silent struggle that they do not want to speak about. Remind your friends how much they mean to you. I promise, they’ll never forget it.

8. Love yourself for you. You are your own priority. Worry about you and your struggles before you help others. Everyone is subconsciously doing the same.

9. Value self-care. Your body does amazing things for you, thank it every once in a while. Eat ice cream. Go for a walk or run. Take a nap. Buy that sweatshirt. Take a drive around town. Go out to eat. Binge a whole Netflix series. Put on a face mask. Your body deserves love. You are worthy of being loved.

10. Be comfortable with the unknown. There are things in this world (COVID-19) that we do not have an answer to. We do not know the ending to any story until it is the present. It is not worth our time or energy to worry about the unknown. Accept surprises and uncertainty. 


I am a Nutrition Major with a focus in Dietetics. I hope to become a successful dietitian one day as I want to help others. I play hockey and used to play soccer, but I love both sports. I love to cook and bake on my free time and I am a vegetarian! I enjoy weight training at the gym, but I always appreciate my lazy days.
This is the general account for the University of New Hampshire chapter of Her Campus! HCXO!