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Why I Read My Horoscope Every Day

Some people think I am crazy for believing in the “false reality” that are horoscopes. For many, astrology is considered nothing but pseudoscience– lacking concrete logical evidence that validates these sets of beliefs. Despite the judgment received from my peers, I continue to read and analyze my horoscope daily. Horoscopes allow me to gain insight into who I am, what to look out for, and what to work on. Your sun sign, based off of the day you were born, describes pieces of your identity such as strengths or weaknesses. Although not all ring true, these characteristics guide me on the path to self-improvement. 

I have always been an analytical person. When reading my horoscope, I can easily identify which main weakness is being displayed. With that information, I relate it to my own life and try to discover a way to work through my problems by utilizing my strengths. I take each horoscope as a message or lesson. It prepares me for upcoming challenges I might face, as crazy as that might seem to non-believers.     

Another reason why I am fascinated by my horoscope is because it simply gives me something to believe in. Everyone has their own form of spirituality that helps them feel some sense of meaning. I am a firm believer that your mentality turns into your reality. The energy and thoughts you put out into the universe will somehow come back to you. If you take the positive feedback from your horoscope and incorporate it into your lifestyle, then what’s the harm in believing in it?

So while others are anticipating that one moment that will change their life, when in reality they are doing nothing to improve it, I use my horoscope to get me there. What can I work on? Focus on? How do these two sentences of circumstances relate to my life and the obstacles I face? Using the power of your mind to reflect on your horoscope and teach you new, valuable lessons can be more rewarding than you think. Next time you begin to doubt the power of astrology, try to shift your thinking into believing. You might be surprised where it leads you. 

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