What to Do When You Start Feeling Sick

The weather is getting colder, the drinks are getting warmer, and the chance of getting the flu has dramatically increased.

If you are anything like me then you are excited about the fall finally coming around but do not have time to get sick. Here are some tips for when you wake up and think you have early symptoms of being sick:


1. Drink some lemon and ginger tea.

Drinking tea has been my go-to this entire week so if suddenly your throat hurts, drink some lemon and ginger tea. According to Organic Facts, lemon and ginger helps boost the immune system, reduces fever, and soothes the pain. All the things you need to make you feel brand new!

2. Have a good nights rest.

I honestly believe that anything can be fixed with a good night of sleep because it gives your body and brain a rest. Remember that you need about 6-8 hours of sleep for your body to function properly.


3. Work out!

I know, I know. You are over hearing about how working out fixes literally everything, but hear me out. Just grab your headphones and watch an episode of The Office while walking on the treadmill and that’s it. It will help, trust me!


4. Eat full meals.

One thing I notice is that when I get really busy, I don’t eat full meals -- I snack all day long to keep me going and then I start to feel sick. To counteract that slowdown, either grab a meal to eat or make some pasta.


5. Drink lots of water.

Like they say on the internet, I believe drinking water fixes everything from dry skin to feeling sleepy. Also, keeping your body hydrated is almost as important as getting enough sleep, so listen to your body and put that iced coffee down.

Good luck!

[Gifs courtesy of giphy.com]