Thoughts You Have as a College Student, As Told by “Broad City” (Cont.)

Much like the feeling of never wanting college to end but being excited for what the future holds, the ending of "Broad City" will bring many mixed emotions. In honor of the last season of "Broad City" premiering in January, here are some more silly and all-too-relatable struggles of a college student, as told by Abbi and Ilana. 

1.Freshman on move-in day when they’re shown their dorm room


2. When you’re out with friends and remember you have an assignment due

3. Giving a pep talk to a complete stranger in the bar bathroom

4. When someone in your 8 A.M. tries to spark up a conversation

5. That one friend that knows and talks to everyone in the library

6. When your professor pushes back the due date for an assignment you REALLY needed more time on

7. Walking around campus in new clothes after the holiday break

8. When your friend catches you in the library after procrastinating for the last hour

9. Any time there is a cute dog on campus

10. Finding any excuse to celebrate during the week

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